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In deregulated markets  nuclear energy profitability is no longer ensured. Utilities may be led to operate in load follow mode, and manage wear and heat and mechanical fatigue issues. Very much in demand, control rod drive mechanisms (CRDMs) ensuring permanent regulation can be requested to achieve up to 230,000 steps in a single 18 month cycle. Such CRDMs will need to be replaced to operate till the end of the extended life of the plant. In the case of a reactor pressure vessel (RPV) head replacement, the plants pursuing long-term operation (LTO) also need a complete CRDMs replacement.

AREVA NP has been working for decades on the stakes related to CRDM lifetime, reliability and material requirements in such conditions
. CRDM latches qualified for up to eight million steps can operate without replacement till the end of the extended life of the plant, even in the case of intense operation due to load follow mode. The risk of leakage will at the same time be reduced thanks to the elimination of some seals.

Your benefits

  • CRDM proven service life, increased two to three times allowing reliable operation of CRDM till the end of extended life, even in the case of load follow mode
  • Design upgrades to eliminate critical seal welds and prevent leakage and corrosion risks and high-dosimetry repairs
  • Dedicated tools for punctual cut and replacement on site of used CRDMs having operated in load follow mode
  • Reduced outage schedule when replacing the RPV head thanks to the delivery of a head already equipped with improved CRDMs

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