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Operators seeking renewal and confirmation of their operation license need to demonstrate that they are able to develop their staff’s competences. These competences are vital to achieve the required level of safety, security and performance of the plant. They shall be developed in accordance with the regulation and the actual configuration of the plant.

The solution: Staff assessment, definition of training paths, implementation of training courses and on-the-job training 
AREVA NP has developed and implemented a wide range of services for the development of competences. This is based on more than ten years of experience in developing the competences of its staff, and also providing training services to its partners and customers. We use our experts, facilities, simulators, and network of partners to achieve a recognized record of training experiences, addressing some of the largest utilities.

Your benefits

  • The expertise of a nuclear operator
  • The recognized experience of AREVA in competences development for nuclear energy activities
  • Access to AREVA NP capabilities:
    – Industrial facilities
    – Specific equipment, mock-ups, simulators
    – Network of international experts

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