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Any utility wishing to extend the lifetime of its plant for a significant period faces the issue of the obsolescence of its existing instrumentation and control (I&C) modules as well as the necessity to adapt safety requirements to the latest standards. Whether it selects a computerized safety I&C system and is requested by its safety authorities to develop some back-up non-computerized functionalities or wants to complement an analog system with additional safety features, the utility will usually need to implement a modern non-computerized solution.

AREVA NP's easy-to-license solution meets safety requirements in the case of an I&C upgrade or a replacement project in the frame of long-term operation (LTO)
. Based on the specifications required by some utilities for future new-build projects, AREVA NP decided to develop a state-of-the-art non-computerized platform using technologies that will be supported for at least 30 years. This platform is fully in accordance with nuclear industry requirements. In the case of LTO, it is perfectly adapted to provide the diversified back-up system that may be required to obtain the licensing of a new digital I&C. It is also designed to complement the existing or refurbished analog systems with the new functionalities requested to meet the latest safety regulations. AREVA NP can provide a complete solution starting from the analysis of the safety requirements, detailed design, interfaces with other systems up to the supply and installation of cabinets and commissioning of the system.

Your benefits

  • Capability to provide a reliable back-up system and new functions to meet the latest safety requirements from safety authorities
  • Simple solution designed in accordance with nuclear specifications and therefore easy to license
  • Modern platform, which will be used for future new plants and will be maintained for more than 30 years
  • Integration of NPP operation requirements thanks to cooperation with Électricité de France (EDF) in the development
  • Optimization and validation of the design thanks to simulation platform

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