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In the case that more electricity is generated than is needed, intelligent solutions for electricity storage are in demand.  

Together with partners, AREVA NP Germany studies the use of liquid organic hydrogen carriers (LOHC) within the scope of a network project.
These liquids – which are similar to diesel – are enriched with hydrogen (hydrogenation), which is stored under normal conditions in a safe manner. As required, the hydrogen is then yielded from the carrier fluid (dehydrogenation). The hydrogen can then either be reused as a gas or converted back, for example by means of a fuel cell. Both hydrogenation and dehydrogenation are catalytic reactions which take place under increased temperature.

The advantages of using LOHC are easy transport and storage (liquid at ambient temperature and pressure). Furthermore, there are no diffusion losses because of the physical condition involved, and the long-term storage of hydrogen with a small footprint is also possible.

We have designed, manufactured and tested a ready-to-operate LOHC module at our Erlangen site. It was delivered to the Bavarian city of Arzberg in December 2015. There, the component is used within the demonstration project “Smart Grid Solar”.

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Wasserstoff-Lösungen für Energiespeicherung

Wasserstoff-Lösungen für Energiespeicherung