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Power plants cooled with sea or river water require major outage work and time for maintenance and service of the essential cooling water intake systems. Due to the corrosive nature of the sea or river water, these safety-classified systems are often made of steel piping with inner rubber coating, and regular inspection is highly recommended. Even during outage, minimum one system has to be operational. However, these systems have seen a series of corrosion failures and even leaks in the past. These failures due to cracked rubber coating and corrosion underneath the coating required huge repair and maintenance efforts.

GIMOS is a reliable solution for the safe transport of liquids by combining glass-fibre reinforced plastic (GRP) pipes with an integrated pre-leakage monitoring system. Continuous status tests of the GRP pipe wall thickness identify and localize emerging failures or damage at a very early stage. The cyclic analysis and transfer of the measured data enables monitoring of the components independent of their location. Consequently, GIMOS prevents leaks before they occur.

Your benefits

  • Increased system reliability and availability
  • Reduced maintenance efforts
  • Optimized spare-parts management
  • Reduced efforts during outage

Interested in Leakage Monitoring and Detection System  for GPR Pipes – GIMOS?

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