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You want to obtain comprehensive knowledge about the current state of valve seats and hardfacings for the definition of sound operating conditions, necessary mid- and long-term maintenance actions, repair or replacement actions? You are challenged with lack of information about your valve seats, cost- and time-intensive replacements or repair actions, areas of interest can not be examined by conventional methods because of dose rates or limited accessibility, quality assurance after repairs?

Rapid and non-destructive examination for the evaluation of the current state of valve seats
AREVA NP has tools and technologies to examine the current state of valve seats by non-destructive (NDE) methods. The following examinations can be performed directly on site:

  • Determination of hardfacing and buffering thickness
  • Visualization of weld build-up hardness (indicator for important material properties)
  • Chemical composition at the surface of the hardfacing
  • Geometrical details of the whole seat
  • Characterization and assessment of defects.

Your benefits

  • Optimization of maintenance, repair or replacement actions regarding time and budget
  • Detailed information concerning the current state and the integrity of valve seats
  • Rapid and non-destructive method
  • Wide range of valve types is covered
  • Examination of the results directly on site
  • All material combinations
  • 360° of the circumference of the valve seat
  • Back office enables a competent and reliable assessment of the on-site results

Interested in Investigation of Valve Seats and Hard Facings?

Webinar "Fitness for Service: Long-term Operation of your Assets"

This webinar highlights and illustrates by examples the possibilities of stationary and on-site material assessment as well as the performance of root cause analysis (RCA) also to identify early warnings avoiding unexpected and costly surprises. Learn how material technology and testing can contribute to a long-term reliable and economic operation of assets.

P. Gerner, G. Zanner
Maintenance management for nuclear power plant: Integrated valve maintenance

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