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Imperfect water chemistry can damage your plant in a number of ways:

  • Condensor leaks
  • Ingress of corrosive impurities
  • Malfunction of chemical dosing systems
  • Malfunction of water treatment plant  (make up water)
  • Malfunction of purification systems (blowdown purification system, condensate polishing)
  • Malfunction of primary coolant treatment system.

DIWA determines early deviations
The Diagnostic System for Water Chemistry (DIWA) utilizes online sensors and grab sampling to regularly collect and asses water chemistry data. The DIWA expert system is based upon a unique fuzzy logic algorithm to determine early deviations from normal operation status.

Your benefits

  • DIWA provides fast and comprehensive evaluation and reliable diagnosis
  • DIWA operates as a monitoring system in real time
  • Reduced outage time due to better shutdown and startup procedure

Interested in Diagnostic System for Water Chemistry – DIWA?

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