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In the case of a severe accident, it is required to monitor the level of hydrogen and other combustible gases in order to take the right decisions and maintain the containment integrity.

The Multi-functional Containment Atmosphere Monitoring System (HERMETIS) operates in the conditions of core melt accidents.
It provides all necessary information for the severe accident management (SAM) and emergency planning.

Your benefits

  • Fully-qualified combustible gases monitoring for core melt accidents (only one system for design basis and beyond-design basis accidents)
  • Superheating of micro sample enables required accuracy for steam and hydrogen measurements
  • Monitors the efficiency of combustible gas control systems (hydrogen reduction and containment mixing)
  • Provides information for SAM and emergency planning (for example to maintain inerted containment conditions at high hydrogen concentrations)

Interested in Containment Atmosphere Monitoring System – HERMETIS?

Marina Welker, Norbert Losch and Axel Hill
AREVA’s Filtered Containment Venting System and Other Technologies for Safety Improvement
Korean Pressure Vessel and Piping (KPVP) Annual Conference, South Korea, November 19–20, 2015

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