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You are looking for comprehensive assistance for solving material-related problems regarding inspection, manufacturing, repair and alteration work?

AREVA NP performs fast and competent root cause analysis, material-related testing and customized improvement process concepts.
For example:

  • Long-term or ad hoc deployment of on-site teams including material testing personnel and material engineers for on-site evaluations
  • Organization of shipment of parts
  • Performance and documentation of failure analysis on contaminated parts
  • Development of interdisciplinary approaches and remedial actions
  • Presentation of results in the presence of an independent third party or licensing authority if required.

Your benefits

  • Fast response time and flexible service possibilities because of the existing infrastructure
  • Broad range of examination methods
  • The availability of experienced nationally and internationally acknowledged experts in different areas ensures a competent back office
  • Integrated approach from the evaluation on-site to the definition and implementation of remedial actions based on long-time experience especially in the field of power plant technology

Interested in Component Metallography and Root Cause Analysis?

Webinar "Corrosion – an Inherently Present Degradation"

The webinar highlights and illustrates by examples the possibilities of corrosion engineering as well as adequate testing capabilities to address corrosion related questions avoiding unexpected and costly surprises.

Webinar "Fitness for Service: Long-term Operation of your Assets"

This webinar highlights and illustrates by examples the possibilities of stationary and on-site material assessment as well as the performance of root cause analysis (RCA) also to identify early warnings avoiding unexpected and costly surprises. Learn how material technology and testing can contribute to a long-term reliable and economic operation of assets.

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