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The solution: State-of-the-art, flexible and productive systems for the inspection of monolithic and honeycomb components in contact and / or squirter technique. The multi-axis systems are based on a rugged motorized steel gantry with dedicated manipulator arms for the ultrasonic (UT) probes. An automated component support and a turntable are available for increased flexibility. The latest ultrasonic SAPHIRquantum system from AREVA NP is giving excellent performances with high productivity and outstanding inspection quality.

Your benefits

  • Best dynamic precision for outstanding UT image accuracy
  • Highest productivity for large components
  • Detection of defects in 100% of the component
  • Advanced dedicated software
  • Compatible with Airbus, Boeing, FACC, Premium Aerotech, Aerolia, Embraer, Bombardier requirements
  • Excellent stability and reliability for maximized up-time

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