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Today aircraft are made of more than 50% of composite materials (CFRP). Many components are curved and often made of honeycomb structures. The testing machines have to provide a high flexibility to accommodate many shapes in fully automated inspections. The need for high production rates has to be combined with an outstanding reliable detection.

The Dual Robot Systems are flexible high-efficiency machines for ultrasonic non-destructive testing (NDT).
Fully synchronized robots are working on 3D components for fastest squirter inspection (proprietary technology). With integrated linear drives for either a gantry or the component support a further gain in productivity has been achieved.

Your benefits

  • Best dynamic precision for outstanding UT image accuracy
  • Shortest inspection times
  • Advanced dedicated software
  • Detection of defects in 100% of the component
  • Compatible with Airbus, Boeing, FACC, Premium Aerotech, Embraer, Bombardier, Saab requirements
  • Excellent stability and reliability for maximized up-time
  • Future proof with high flexibility for different part shapes

Interested in Dual Robot Systems for Ultrasonic Inspections?

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