Steel products like large shafts, shells and disks are difficult to inspect and require innovative inspection techniques. Reliable and reproducible results, operational quality and maximum coverage of the inspection area have to be ensured.

AREVA NP provides advanced phased array techniques capable to sweep over the maximum range of incidence angle
. This allows the largest possible coverage and discrimination between signals from part geometry variations and from possible defects in close vicinity of geometry transitions. Therefore, a high reliability in flaw detection is achieved and concurrently the number of probe heads is reduced. Precise inspection results are achieved in short testing periods with maximum signal information for reliable assessment. We also provide hardware and software solutions.

Your benefits

  • Tomographic representation allows easy detection of defects
  • Remote and independent evaluation
  • Integration of various required angles into one phase array probe to reduce drastically the number of probes
  • Input of comprehensive operating experience
  • Reliable mechanics and controls
  • Leading-edge sensors, instrument and software
  • Minimized susceptibility to electromagnetic noise
  • Integrated user-friendly operating interface

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