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The primary coolant serves not only in transporting heat from the reactor core to the steam generators (SGs) but also as a moderator for fast neutrons being produced by nuclear fission. Consequently, the coolant should not interfere with operation of the power plant by any form of corrosion or activation and its consequences like high dose rates. These risks of loss of plant integrity are minimized by applying an optimal plant-specific water chemistry treatment.

Best chemistry treatment for reliable, safe and economic plant operation
Based on its worldwide expertise in water chemistry treatments, AREVA NP can assist for instance:

  • Primary coolant circuit integrity
  • Fuel cladding integrity
  • Dose rate reduction measures
  • Reactor core reactivity control.

For determination of the best water chemistry treatment for your specific plant all necessary parameters are taken into account. The recommendations will always aim for minimization of corrosion (and thereby activated product transport) to counteract dose rate increase.

Your benefits

  • International experience that covers plant designs of various original equipment manfactures (OEMs)
  • Knowledge of manifold chemistry treatments and chemistry guidelines
  • State-of-the-art chemistry measures applied at the EPR reactor
  • Tailored plant-specific studies in close cooperation with operators fitting your needs and requirements

Interested in Pressurized Water Reactor Primary Side Chemistry Consulting?

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