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High availability and reliable operation of nuclear power plants (NPPs) are the searched goals by the operator. Water chemistry plays an important role on the performance and on the preservation of the secondary side components against corrosion degradation phenomena. The most effective way of counteracting all degradation problems and thus of improving the steam generator (SG) performance is to maintain clean conditions.

Optimum chemical conditions of the PWR secondary side to prevent and reduce detrimental phenomena
The material and design concept of the plant let the operator the degree of freedom of the chemistry to adopt the suitable treatment to preserve the system clean. AREVA NP’s recommendations lead to the best suitable operational conditions, which facilitate the reduction of corrosion phenomena as flow-accelerated corrosion (FAC), ingress of corrosion product inventory and impurities into the SG, and time of response against abnormal situations.

Your benefits

  • International experience that covers plant designs of various orignal equipment manafactures (OEMs)
  • Knowledge of manifold chemistry treatments and chemistry guidelines
  • State-of-the-art chemistry measures applied at the EPR reactor
  • Tailored plant-specific studies in close cooperation with operators fitting your needs and requirements

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