Technology at its best – for best performance

  • Rotor

    The load-bearing elements of the M5000 rotor blades are made of carbon fiber. This ensures an exceptionally high stiffness at a low weight. The special aerodynamics of the rotor blades guarantees a high yield performance and lowers noise emission considerably. Three independent electrical blade pitch systems ensure a highly dynamic blade angle adjustment and maximum safety in case of failure. The blade pitch system is completely incorporated inside the closed rotor hub, to be optimally protected against all weather influences.

  • Rotor bearing / Gearbox

    A double-tapered roller-bearing connects the rotor  to the machine housing. The geometric assembly of the rotor bearing and gearbox is such that the dynamic rotor loads cannot have a harmful impact on the gear meshing. The helical planetary gear train ensures the optimal lubrication of all shafts and wheels. Independent of this, the gearbox permanently supplies the rotor bearing with oil.

  • Generator / Converter

    The permanent magnet synchronous generator is directly installed in the machine housing. As the rotor of the generator rotor is mounted on the output shaft of the gearbox it does not  need its own bearings. In combination with the frequency converter, the permanent magnet technology achieves a maximum rotation speed range, resulting in an ideal electrical and aerodynamic efficiency rate. The generator is connected to the grid via a 4Q converter, which allows maximum speed variability and compliance with all grid directives.

  • Air treatment

    Our M5000 wind energy plant is equipped with an air treatment facility at the point of entry to the wind energy plant. It sucks in external air which is then cleansed in several stages from particles of salt and moisture. The cleansing principle is based on the deposition of water particles due to inertia forces. The treated air is then blown into the tower. It ensures that no salty ambient air can intrude into the wind energy plant.