AREVA Wind installs the M5000-135 prototype


February 04, 2013

AREVA Wind installs a prototype, the evolution of its proven M5000 offshore technology in Bremerhaven. Close to the motorway A27 the offshore wind turbine manufacturer will install its more powerful wind turbine M5000-135.

The evolution of the successfully operating M5000-116 five-megawatt turbines is mainly characterized by its larger rotor diameter. With its 66 meter long blades the diameter has been increased to 135 meters and the swept area reaches 14.326 sqaure meters. Thanks to its enlarged rotor, the wind energy converter will be able to generate more power. With the consequent optimization of the design the M5000-135 expands AREVA Wind's product platform and offers its customers a more energy efficient power production offshore.

After successful installation the five-megawatt wind turbine will have a height from ground to hub of 130 meters. With the prototype AREVA Wind is able to operate all optimized systems and components under real life conditions. So the company will gain valuable experiences for the future operation of the M5000-135 offshore.

Jean Huby, CEO of AREVA Wind says: “With our new prototype M5000-135 we take the next step to make offshore wind energy even more competitive and we will offer our customers a more cost efficient and more powerful product to reduce the cost of power production offshore.”

The erection of the prototype will take place in several phases. The first site preparations near the A27 already started. The main components, which were built in Bremerhaven, will be brought to the installation site in summer. AREVA Wind assumes that the installation of the wind energy converter will be completed in third quarter of 2013.