First prototype of the Multibrid M5000 offshore turbine connects to the grid


December 22, 2004

Exactly three weeks after the erection of the Multibrid M5000 tower head, the first electricity was fed into the grid of Bremerhaven’s utility.

The performance of Multibrid’s engineers and technician should be valued even higher, since a time consuming check of all security chains of the control and also an inspection of the implemented parameter had to be undertaken.

Thus the Multibrid concept has again proved its surmounting constructional characteristics for offshore deployment. After it took only eight days for the erection, the plant has now connected to the grid in almost no time. “The sum of all advantages of the Multibrid M5000 design will exponentiate manifold under the much more difficult installation conditions on the open sea”, as Mr. Erdmann, managing director of MEG, states. Michael Klussmann, head of engineering of the Multibrid project, adds: “Installation and Commissioning of the M5000 were accurately planned; the design of the plant has proven that unwanted events can almost be excluded by employing precise engineering.”