Two more Multibrid M5000 successfully erected in Bremerhaven


June 09, 2008

On Saturday, June 7, 2008, MULTIBRID successfully completed the erecting of two further MULTIBRID M5000 offshore wind turbines in Bremerhaven. The erecting was completed in two days for the first wind turbine, and in three days for the second wind turbine. The assembly of the M5000 housings and rotors on the about 130 meter high towers went smoothly. The facilities will be connected to an electrical power supply by the end of June.

Previously, two further M5000 wind turbines were erected onshore in Bremerhaven. All the technological developments made over the last few years as a result of the experience with the first two turbines were consequently applied to these two turbines. The MULTIBRID M5000 is thus as well-equipped as possible for offshore.

The installation of each of the three steel tower segments onto the about 60 meters high concrete base was carried out using a 1,200 ton crane. In recent weeks, the concrete foundations were made and fitted onsite. Meanwhile the core part of the M5000, the housing weighing 200 tons, was transported from its production site in Bremerhaven to the new site by heavy goods transporter. The three rotor blades, each 56.5 meters long, were brought by road from their production site in Stade to Bremerhaven. Thanks to excellent preparation by the assembly team, the erecting work was completed in two days for the first wind turbine, and in three days for the second wind turbine.

Thanks to their enclosed, wear-resistant construction, the M5000 are particularly suitable for use in the harsh conditions of the sea. Little maintenance and high technical availability are guaranteed by the optimum protection against corrosive sea air, the remarkably low tower-head weight of 310 tons, and the minimum-wear design of all of the components.

Since mid-2007, M5000 Offshore wind turbines are produced in MULTIBRID’s production site in the Bremerhaven fishing harbor. By 2011, the production capacity will stand at around 100 facilities; in order to be able to reach this target, MULTIBRID has begun taking on qualified labour.