AREVA Wind hosts the first Insurance Day with 20 insurers from all over Europe


June 22, 2012

On June 14, 2012, about 30 representatives of 20 major European insurers visited AREVA Wind following an invitation by AREVA Wind. On this occasion of the first AREVA Wind Insurance Day, our guests had the opportunity to receive information about the company and its product AREVA M5000, and also met the management team.

On top of the different presentations, the visitors had the opportunity to see the five-megawatt serial full load test bench, built in 2011, as well as the monitoring center in the AREVA Wind service center, and got detailed explanations during the tour. The operations and parameters of the AREVA Wind turbines at the alpha ventus offshore field are monitored 24 hours per day, seven days a week.

Gilles Royon, Chief Financial Officer of AREVA Wind, did the welcome address to our visitors. Paulo Pereira, Head of Sales, presented AREVA Wind sales pipeline and market strategies, and Joachim Arndt, Chief Engineer of the Wind Business Unit, presented a technical forecast. AREVA employees from Bremerhaven, Hamburg and Paris answered questions of the interested visitors.

To sum up the general feedback of our guests: "This day gives a good overview, and presents an extremely professional picture of AREVA Wind. AREVA Wind really took lessons learned seriously and took the right decisions regarding their quality strategy.”

Gilles Royon emphasised: “The Insurance Day has been a real success. It was a great opportunity to gain an insight of insurers’ expectations, and at the same time to give them an update of where we are, what progresses have been made, how we try and shape up our future. The feedback has been extremely positive and we will surely repeat the experience in the future.”