Buss Port Logistics and AREVA Wind cooperate for offshore North Sea project


September 20, 2012

Renewable energy has to be affordable, predictable, and available. What has to date been considered a vision is now being implemented by offshore wind parks.

The Eemshaven offshore base port in the Netherlands is proving to be the ideal location for German wind park projects in the North Sea. Buss, the port services provider, with its Orange Blue Terminal, and the offshore wind turbine manufacturer, AREVA, are utilizing the location’s benefits for the efficient construction of future wind parks. The first joint project is the Trianel Windpark Borkum. The components of the 40 AREVA five-megawatt wind turbines to be installed will be transshipped, temporarily warehoused, and pre-assembled at the Orange Blue Terminal.

Eemshaven is located near the planned and authorized wind parks in the North Sea. With optimal nautical conditions, a heavy lift platform on the 630-meter loading quay, and a terminal area of 22 hectars the Orange Blue Terminal offers ideal conditions. While AREVA’s M5000 tower sections have been at the terminal for months, yesterday the first nacelles, the heart of the wind turbine, the hubs, and the last of three tower sections were delivered. The rotor blades from AREVA Blades in Stade are projected to arrive at the end of the year.

Buss Terminal Stade has already proven itself with the speedy and uncomplicated shipment of rotor blades for AREVA. Stade plays a key role in the delivery chain for the provision of rotor blades. This is the only AREVA location that produces rotor blades. Buss Terminal Stade borders the rotor blade factory, with a direct link to the factory guaranteeing smooth transshipment.

Heinrich Ahlers, CEO of Buss Ports Logistics said: "The cooperation with AREVA shows that our Orange Blue Terminal in Eemshaven is an ideal base port for the realization of the Trianel Windpark Borkum."

The Buss terminal in Eemshaven will be attractive for AREVA Wind in the coming years as a base and assembly port.

Jean Huby, Spokesperson for the Board of AREVA stated: "The good and reliable cooperation with competent offshore logistics partners, like Buss, is an important element of AREVA Wind’s cost-optimized offer, tailored to the respective offshore wind park in accordance with client requirements.”

The Baltic Sea also offers cooperation opportunities for the two companies with Buss Sea Terminal Sassnitz, due to its proximity to the planned Baltic Sea wind parks. The port services provider and the wind park specialist are working closely on upcoming projects. Buss will again plan and develop the provision of all transportation and transshipment activities, as well as warehouse management at the base port.