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Publications 2007

Heiner Dornburg, Helmut Stinshoff, Dr. Patrick Weber
Modernisierungslösungen für Kernkraftwerke: Retrofit in Schweden (in German)
BWK 2007, Issue 11 (November)

Dr. Christian Topf
Full System Decontamination at the Obrigheim Nuclear Power Plant Prior to Decommissioning
atw 2007, Issue 11 (November)

Wolfgang Dams
Nuclear fusion as a future source of energy
Energie & Management 2007, June 15

Cassie Hagan
Deploying the Advanced U.S. EPR
atw 2007, Issue 5 (May)

Dr. Markus Glück
F-Cobra-TF-Code validation and approches to CHF prediction
Nuclear Engineering & Design, Volume 237 (6) March 2007

Michael Blase
Treatment of Liquid Radioactive Waste by Cementation (in Russian)
Environmental Safety 2007 (Russia), Issue 4

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