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AREVA GmbH believes that occupational safety, health protection and environmental protection are just as important goals of corporate policy as the top quality of products and services.

Environment, Health and Safety Policy of AREVA GmbH


The principle of sustainable development is an integral part of the corporate strategy. In terms of the environment, health and safety policy of AREVA GmbH, this means that we are particularly committed to protection of our employees, the protection of our environment and the preservation of natural resources.

This applies both to our processes and our products. Right from the planning phase possible impacts of our activities, products and service on human health and the environment are given due consideration. It is our strong ambition to prevent any negative impact on our employees and the environment or to minimize it – over and above what is required by valid provisions.

Environment, Health and Safety Policy

AREVA GmbH regards health and safety, environmental protection and the maximized quality of products and services as objectives of equal standing in our corporate policy. By providinga suitable management system we ensure that our environment, health and safety policy is also effectively implemented. In our actions, it goes without saying that we conscientiously apply and satisfy all statutory regulations and legal requirements. Effective procedures have been introduced to check the fulfillment of this obligation.

To achieve this objective an environment, health and safety (EHS) management system has been introduced based on DIN EN ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001. Within the framework of its organizational and supervisory duties the Executive Management ensures the maintenance and continuous improvement of this EHS system, e. g. by annual target agreements. In addition, an approved body performs regular examinations and certifications.

We foster the EHS awareness of all employees and provide training for all those whose work is affected by this. This is based on the latest proven knowledge regarding environmental and occupational safety.

On request we provide our customers with all the EHS relevant information they may require on our processes and are prepared to openly discuss all associated issues.

We also exert an influence of our affiliated companies and suppliers to promote the EHS idea among our business partners, too.

We conduct an open dialogue with all parties interested in EHS related issues with the aim of working out jointly future solutions.

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