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Carsten Haferkamp

Carsten Haferkamp was Finance and Business Administration Managing Director and Labour Director of AREVA GmbH since January 2012 and is Finance and Business Administration Managing Director and Labour Director of New NP GmbH since November 1, 2017. Before, he was Commercial Managing Director for outage services and repair and replace projects of AREVA's "Installed Base" business, i.e. the unit in charge of services for nuclear power plants currently in service in Germany and abroad since 2009. Between 2005 and 2009, he was Head of Accounting and of the AREVA NP (now AREVA GmbH) tax steering group in Germany. Prior to this, Carsten Haferkamp held the post of Liaison Officer for the German Region with the French parent company in Paris. Between 1999 and end of 2002, he helmed the Nuclear Fuels proposals department first for Siemens AG, then for what is now AREVA GmbH, and was commercial project manager of various activities in the fuel cycle in Germany and abroad.

Carsten Haferkamp took a degree of Industrial Engineering with a major in Mechanical Engineering at the Technical University of Darmstadt and participated, among other activities, in the International Business Linkage Program of the Technical University in Helsinki, Finland.

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