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Research and development, as well as innovation have top priority for us. Why? It is due to these activities that we can provide state-of-the-art products and services to our customers. And keep the highest possible safety standards in nuclear power plants (NPPs). Therfore, AREVA GmbH spends five percent of annual turnover on order-independent research projects. This includes, for instance, cooperations with universities and research centers, but also sustainable advancements of the technological in-house competencies.

Innovation Award 2017 was granted

AREVA GmbH's Innovation Award has a long-standing tradition: it has been awarded since 1996. Key criteria are the degree of innovation and economic benefit of the ideas.

The 2017 winners

  • First winner: ”Quantitative Analysis of non-toxic and toxic materials” (Quantom). This solution allows for non-destructive examination of conditioned waste. The contents of many containers in the interim storage facilities of NPPs are not comprehensively documented. Before transporting the containers to their final repository, a full inventory of their contents is mandatory. Instead of opening each container to analyze its contents and then re-packing it, the QUANTOM method is not only safer but also more cost-effective: A mobile unit measures the containers from outside without opening them. From the measured values it is possible to draw conclusions on what is inside the containers.
  • Second winner is "Advanced Cooling Tubes" (ACT). The new passive cooling solution for spent fuel pools requires only a minimum of space. While increasing the degree of safety considerably, ACT can be retrofitted in existing NPPs with little effort without requiring lengthy approval procedures by the safety authorities.
  • Third winner is “C14 Carbon Stripping". This system isolates the radio nuclide C14 from operational waste from CANDU reactors. The C14 is used for medical purposes generating extra revenue while the waste balance of the NPP is improved considerably.

Patent management

The total of 39 inventions disclosed and 20 patent applications filed in 2016 demonstrates the innovative strength of AREVA GmbH. The patent portfolio currently encompasses 1.759 patents and patent applications.

Know-how transfer

The innovation potential of its employees is one of a company's major resources – this also holds true for AREVA GmbH. Each year we give out an award for the best innovations. We want to pursue our innovative course in the future: We therefore promote the timely and systematic transfer of our corporate nuclear expertise to the next generation of engineers.

Cooperation with universities

Innovations are triggered by new impulses. This is why AREVA GmbH works together closely with various universities and research centers, finances endowed chairs and promotes young talent.

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