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A Global Success with Many Projects to Prove it: Nuclear Competence from Germany

AREVA GmbH in Germany makes a major contribution to the safe and competitive operation of nuclear power plants due to the fact that the company unites numerous key competences. These include safety instrumentation and control (I&C) and electrical systems, maintenance and retrofitting of nuclear power plants, the development and production of fuel assemblies, as well as unique test and research facilities for safety investigations. Additionally, AREVA GmbH is a strong partner for the decommissioning of nuclear power plants.

The German expertise is respected globally. Therefore, German nuclear technology is used in numerous projects. From Germany, AREVA GmbH supports its customers, both in the home market and abroad, in the maintenance or the extensive modernization of nuclear power plants. That is an important contribution towards keeping the plants fit over the long term.

With this export strategy, AREVA GmbH makes a significant contribution to maintaining the competencies in nuclear technology in Germany. Nuclear competencies will be needed even after the nuclear phase-out, for example for the dismantling and final repository with domestic resources.

There are 3,000 employees working in the AREVA GmbH headquarters in Erlangen: This makes Erlangen one of AREVA NP's largest engineering sites. An additional site is located in Karlstein am Main.

Core competencies at the German sites

Electrical and safety control engineering

Nuclear power plants all over Europe and beyond are using AREVA NP's digital TELEPERM XS instrumentation and control (I&C) system. This sophisticated I&C system is used in all new-build projects. Numerous nuclear power plant operators in Germany and abroad have retrofitted their running plants with TELEPERM XS, thereby contributing significantly to the safe and reliable operation.

Fuel assemblies

AREVA NP's fuel assembly design and fabrication operates on a global scale focusing on the development of new fuel assemblies for pressurized and boiling water reactors. Safety and efficiency come first in this context. This applies also for AREVA GmbH. To complete the range of products, we also offer services and maintenance for fuel assemblies during reactor operation.

Safety upgrades

AREVA NP offers a broad portfolio of products and methods to further improve plant safety. Particularly in light of the events in the Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant in Japan, AREVA NP has supplied technology for safety upgrades in numerous projects – to operational nuclear power plants, and also to new-build projects. Many of these solutions were developed directly by AREVA GmbH.

Testing and qualification

With the I&C forum and the attached test field for hardware and software in Erlangen, AREVA GmbH operates the largest testing facility in the world for operational and safety control systems for nuclear power plants. In the primary system testing facility (PKL) in Erlangen, which is unique in Europe, tests on the thermo-hydraulic behavior of pressurized water reactors are performed. In addition, AREVA GmbH operates other testing facilities: Large-scale tests are conducted in Karlstein am Main on component qualification and for the further development and safety research in the boiling water reactor technology.

Solutions for Energy Storage

AREVA GmbH in Germany uses both hydrogen as well as battery technology in ongoing projects. For example, in the Bavarian town of Arzberg a storage facility based on hydrogen stabilizes the electricity production of a solar plant. It combines electrolyzer, liquified organic hydrogen carrier (LOHC), and fuel cell.

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