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Monitoring and diagnostic systems from a specialist

Always know, what’s ahead. This is no utopia but reality. Because Framatome's latest diagnostic systems monitor the status of nuclear power plants, conventional power plants and industrial plants. They ensure early detection of material wear and tear; measures can be taken in order to reliably prevent failure of the monitored installations. Our monitoring systems and instrumentation also help to operate power plants and systems safely and efficiently.

But this is not all. At our production sites in Erlangen and Karlstein am Main, we design and manufacture “special products”. For example, high-precision mechanical and electrical systems and components as prototypes and in small series. For nuclear facilities but also for conventional applications.

Monitoing and diagnostic systems

  • Sound monitoring
  • Vibration monitoring
  • Humidity and leakage monitoring
  • Diagnostics of rotating machines
  • Valve diagnostics
  • Fatigue monitoring

"Special components"

  • Special mechanical components: instrumentation for neutron flux measurements, control rod drive mechanismen for boiling water reactors, hydrogen sensor and recombiners
  • Latest electronic control systems, for example, for fuel loading machines and robotics
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