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Keeping nuclear power plants permanently safe

AREVA NP feels more than ever committed to further enhance safety in nuclear power plants. The main concern is to support the operators, our customers, with innovative technologies and excellent competencies. So that they can continue to provide the greatest possible safety of their reactors and activities.

Therefore, AREVA NP has continually promoted the development of qualified analysis procedures and active and passive safety systems. Now we have launched the Safety Alliance program, a wide variety of innovative products and solutions are compiled in a catalog. They allow nuclear power plant operators to make their plants fit for new requirements during operation and to maintain this level of safety also in the future. Our integrated business model and our experience allow us to assist customers with safety analyses and to work out safety upgrades and optimized safety management processes for plants that can be implemented in short time.


AREVA NP's filtered containment venting systems provide safety. Because in case of a severe accident, they reduce the pressure inside the containment in a controlled manner. By filtering the escaping medium, they prevent the release of radioactive material into the environment.




Another preventive measure to improve plant safety is the installation of passive autocatalytic recombiners which work without power supply. They remove hydrogen and therefore prevent hydrogen explosions.

Safety Alliance program

This three-stage approach comprises sound analysis methods and a broad portfolio of products and processes to improve the plant safety. It is effective in both existing plants and new builds.


Three central strategies:

  • Designed to withstand external events
    The plant's robustness is a result of the quality of the safety measures used to master potential, site-specific risks such as flooding, seismic activity etc. We offer, for example, well-established PSA (Probabilistic Safety Assessment) analyses to verify the good balance of the design.
  • Reliable cooling water supply
    If the cooling fails, the time until functionality is restored must be reliably bridged. This is to prevent critical values in the reactor and the pools. A methodical analysis allows us to identify suitable redundant measures. They reduce the probability of a cooling failure. Or the time until cooling is restored by providing additional connections for mobile power supply.
  • Preventing environmental impact
    Even in the event of a failure of the safety systems, active and passive systems can prevent radioactivity from being released into the outside environment. Our passive autocatalytic recombiners, for example, absorb hydrogen to prevent explosions, whereas the HERMETIS system monitors the atmosphere in the containment.
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