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Monitoring and control of nuclear power plants

A must-have for the safe and reliable operation of nuclear power plants: modern electricity and control technology. Therefore, numerous operators in Germany and abroad have retrofitted their plants with AREVA NP's TELEPERM XS safety instrumentation & control (I&C) system.

Here, AREVA NP sets standards. We design and deliver electrical and I&C systems. For the installation into new reactors or for the modernization of existing nuclear power plants. We also address interface management: It is of key importance to process engineering and modernization projects. And we offer plant operators support for licencing and certification activities.

Just like other industrial facilities, a nuclear power plant requires devices and systems for monitoring and controlling its processes and equipment – called the I&C system of the nuclear power plant. It encompasses several subsystems with their electrical and electronic equipment.


TELEPERM XS is the leading digital I&C platform for nuclear facilities. It was designed by AREVA NP to fulfill relevant safety requirements while ensuring top availability. To date, the TELEPERM XS platform has been installed in or ordered for more thran 80 nuclear power plants of 16 different reactor designs in 16 countries. 

We also offer technically and economically optimized solutions for non-safety-related tasks. Here, we work in close cooperation with preferred suppliers.


AREVA NP offers complete electrical engineering services for nuclear power plants: qualified nuclear solutions from common standard products up to its own specialty products. In the portfolio: uninterruptible power supply, switchboards, drives and transformers. AREVA NP also projects special solutions up to integrated electrical architectures. The range of services is completed with concepts and components for lightning protection, alarm systems, equipment for monitoring and access control, amongst others.

Emergency Diesel Generators

A main factor for the safe operation of nuclear power plants is the emergency power supply. Here, AREVA NP is world market leader with decades of experience. To this day, we have supplied more than 300 emergency diesel generators. We offer the full service range, from concept studies to modernization and complete systems. We have developed specialty products for the main electrical and control systems components of emergency diesel generators, which meet the highest safety requirements.


Electrical and I&C components in nuclear power plants age. Especially in areas close to the reactor. How fast depends on the thermal, mechanical and radiological strains. It is the target of the lifetime management to determine the residual life of these components. Therefore, AREVA NP has designed a quantitative aging management which calculates the residual service life using component measurements, qualification parameters and suitable algorithms.

The offer: Services for electrical and I&C systems

Safe plant operation with high availability requires that all electrical and I&C systems work reliably during normal operation as well as in cases of incidents. Therefore, AREVA NP keep sall electrical and I&C systems in nuclear power plants in shape. Throughout their entire lifetime!

  • Recurrent tests and maintenance during plant outages
  • Comprehensive solutions for long-term maintenance of systems or subsystems
  • Lifetime management of components including maintenance and repair

Do you know how I&C systems are structured?

The I&C system is basically composed of sensors which transform physical data into electrical signals, programmable controllers which process these signals and provide actuator control, and monitoring and control devices for use by the plant operators. The overall design of the I&C system and associated equipment must comply with all demands resulting from the processes, laws on nuclear safety, and operational requirements.


Multi-level structure

Within the overall I&C architecture, each subsystem is characterized by its function (measurement, actuation, automation, human-machine interface) and its task for the safety or operation of the plant.


In general, four levels can be distinguished in control technology:

Level 0: process interface. It comprises the sensors and the actuators.

Level 1: system automation. It comprises, for example, the I&C systems for reactor protection with the automated safety functions and for reactor control and reactor power limitation, the turbo generator set control and protection system, and all other process automation measures.

Level 2: human-machine-interface for operating and monitoring.

Level 3: It contains higher-level safety technology equipment. Such as computer applications for activation, for plant optimization (maintenance and recurrent tests) as well as support for the operational management (operation evaluations, trend analyses etc.). In addition, these applications communicate with external sites, for example national and international monitoring organizations. 

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