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Approved and under construction: the EPR reactor

The history of nuclear energy continues: As the first company worldwide, AREVA NP received the order to build a reactor of the newest generation III+: one EPR plant at the Olkiluoto site in Finland. More EPR nuclear power plants are under construction in France and China. In UK, the British nuclear safety authorities validated the design of the EPR reactor and recognized its safety performance and its operating efficiency.

The EPR reactor sets standards

  • An even higher safety level
  • Less long-lived radioactive waste
  • Considerably lower radiation exposure for the operation and maintenance staff
  • Lower power generation costs (through better fuel efficiency, higher availability, more operation flexibility and less maintenance required)

Olkiluoto 3 in Finland

The EPR reactor Olkiluoto 3 is making good progress: In autumn 2016, the project has achieved two major milestones: start of nuclear circuit cleaning and completion of full scope simulator testing.

Flamanville 3 in France

The EPR unit Flamanville 3 is the first generation III+ reactor being built in France. This was the 100th reactor order for AREVA NP.

Taishan 1 and 2 in China

AREVA NP is building two EPR plants in the province Guangdong in cooperation with CGNPC. And will also deliver the nuclear fuel for a period of 15 years.

Hinkley Point in United Kingdom

By 2020, the British government will be embarking on a program to replace its nuclear fleet. EDF Energy, a subsidiary of EDF, is going to build two EPR reactors on the site of Hinkley Point.

The EPR reactor at a glance

Reinforced concrete outer shell, double-wall containment, quadruple redundancy safety systems – the EPR reactor sets standards in terms of safety.

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