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A strong partner for both: Fuel assemblies and fuel service

Framatome supplies fuel assemblies for pressurized and boiling water reactors. We manufacture all the components – such as cladding tubes, spacers, head and bottom parts – and the nuclear fuel in our own production facilities. By doing so, we ensure the highest quality.

Extensive research and development leads to robust and reliable fuel assembly design. Because it is essential for us that reactor fuel is used even more safely and efficiently.

To complete our range of products, we also offer services and maintenance for fuel assemblies during reactor operation.

In Germany, Advanced Nuclear Fuels GmbH (ANF) produces fuel assemblies for both pressurized and boiling water reactors – for the German and Western European market. 435 employees work at the two sites Lingen and Karlstein am Main in Germany.

Competence in all fuel assemblies matters


The international fuel assembly design team works intensively on the development of new fuel assemblies for pressurized and boiling water reactors. In this process, we optimize the materials used and the components of a fuel assembly. Furthermore, we continually develop the associated methods and programs. The focus is on safety, reliability and cost-effectiveness.


The optimal behavior of the fuel assemblies during reactor operation is crucial for operators of nuclear power plants. Therefore, careful design is mandatory: This requires extensive expertise and comprehensive research and design work to be carried out. Framatome offers both.

Based on analyses, we support the licensing of fuel assemblies for boiling and pressurized water reactors.

In the fuel assembly design process, we employ programs for neutron physical, thermohydraulic and mechanical design and databases. The later were developed on the basis of experience gathered over the course of many years.


For utilities, security of delivery counts. Therefore, Framatome has own resources and fuel assembly factories in Germany, France, Belgium and the US. And is involved in four joint ventures: in China, Japan and Kazakhstan. This global organization makes us flexible in serving the markets in Europe, the US and Asia using synergies in research and development.

In Germany, we operate two production facilities (at Lingen at Karlstein am Main) and one engineering site (at Erlangen) which manufacture and design fuel assemblies and all associated components and nuclear fuel. They not only produce for German nuclear power plants but also for export.

Inspection and Repair

Framatome possesses decade-long experience in the monitoring, inspection and repair of fuel assemblies. The up-to-date equipment is suitable for a variety of fuel assembly designs and reactor buildings.

  • Fuel assembly inspection during outages and in-situ underwater repair of defective fuel rods or fuel assemblies
  • Monitoring of fuel assemblies in pressurized and boiling water reactors
  • Maintenance and repair of fuel assemblies, including remodelling and encapsulation of defective fuel rods etc.
  • Design of special tools for handling fuel assemblies
  • Assistance and training for loading and unloading fuel assemblies
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