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Power from renewable energies – around the clock

Often, more power is generated than needed. Especially when there are strong winds and the sun is shining. But the reverse case occurs as well. Then, the demand for power exceeds the supply. AREVA therefore offers intelligent solutions for energy management and interim storage of power. The idea behind it: electrolyzer, hydrogen and fuel cell. A combination oriented towards the demand, which is environmentally-friendly.

There are various ways of application: grid stabilization, emergency power supply, decentralized power supply at isolated sites in combination with sun and wind power or management of so-called “micro grids.

Developments will continue: AREVA GmbH in Germany invests in storage technologies, conducts research together with universities and tests innovations at its lab facilities and in pilot projects.

Greenergy Box: an all-in-a-box energy management solution

The principle ist simple:

  • In case of a power surplus, hydrogen and oxygen are produced through the electrolysis of water.
  • Hydrogen and oxygen are then stored in special containers, also for longer periods of time.
  • In peak load times, hydrogen and oxygen are fed to a fuel cell in which power is generated. The produced heat ca be used as well.
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