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Technical Center: Innovations for the future

In its Technical Center in Germany AREVA NP Germany operates own research and test facilities which are often unique in the world. Numerous scientist, experts and technicians are working there. For example, on new technologies for energy storage. They develop methods and tools for design, construction, operation, and maintenance of nuclear power plants. Or qualify components for use in nuclear power plants and other installations. But they also give support regarding everyday issues in industry and power plant technology – by offering a wide range of services to solve problems.

Thermohydraulics, component tests

At its sites in Erlangen and Karlstein am Main AREVA GmbH operates unique large-scale testing facilities. The natural scientists, engineers, technicians and mechanics there investigate questions on behalf of customers from power plant engineering and industry:

  • Thermal and fluid engineering
  • Qualification and service
  • Thermo-hydraulic behavior of pressurized water reactor plants under accident conditions (primary system testing facility, PKL).

Electrical and I&C technology qualification

With its expertise in safety control technology, AREVA NP provides customers with advice and assistance in every phase of their qualification projects. Or carries qualification projects out on the customer's behalf.

  • Component and system qualification according to national and international standards

Materials, corrosion, welding

At its Erlangen site, AREVA NP has merged major technologies in the area of materials related issues for industrial and power plant technology:

  • Materials testing
  • Corrosion
  • Metallography
  • Fracture mechanics
  • Failure analysis and materials engineering.

Radiochemical Laboratory

Here, all activities are pooled that concern radioactive substances, ionizing radiation and chemical analytics.

  • Radiochemistry, chemical analytics
  • Post radiation analyses in “hot” cells
  • Radiation measuring technology
  • Radiation protection.

Technical Center: Focus on Technology

Services in the field of chemistry and radiochemistry, expertise for materials and material testing as well as unique large-scale test facilities for the qualification of components. This brochure will inform you about the competences of the Karlstein Technical Center in Germany.

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