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General terms and conditions for the implementation of training measures

§1 Subject and circumstance
(1) Subject and circumstance of the service is the arranged training not the success.
(2) The order is implemented following principles of occupation-usual diligence in accordance with the descriptions in the training program / internet. The A+G of the training are subject to sight abnormalities.

§2 Enrolment / offer / completion of contract
(1) The registration must take place fundamentally in written or electronic form (text form).
(2) The registration must be confirmed in writing to the Framatome GmbH Training Center in Germany as agreement to the training.

§3 Withdrawals and cancellations
(1) For withdrawals or cancellations by the participant, we charge the following training fees:
- 10 working days notice -30 percent
- 5 working days notice  50 percent
- 2 working days notice -80 percent.
When failing to appear or cancellation on the first training day (no show) the complete training fee must be paid.
(2) In case of cancellations by the participant we shall charge 100 percent of the training fee, if the cancellation is made in less than 10 days 50 percent of the training fee, if the cancellation is made in less than 20 days for any of the 6 week introductory courses B211 D, B211 S or B211 EPR. However, it is possible to designate a substitute participant without further charge.
(3) We still ask that you observe special conditions for cancellations and withdrawals of the visits of “nuclear installations". Cancellations of a nuclear training visit like for e.g., The B227 Modules 9 & 5 course which includes nuclear sightseeing, the following cancellation fees are payable:
- 20 working days notice -100 percent
- 25 working days notice -50 percent
- 30 working days notice -30 percent.
The nomination of an alternate participant is not possible. Cancellations or ‘no shows’ on the first training day will result in the complete training fee being paid. Written notice must be given in all cases for cancellations.
(4) Cancellations must be made in writing.

§4 Training fees
(1) The training fees are displayed per participant. Travel expenses and hotel expenses as well as expenses for lunch and / or supper are not included in the price. On request the Framatome GmbH Training Center in Germany can carry out hotel bookings for the participants.
(2) A participation in only one part of the booked event does not entitle to the fees decrease.
(3) The prices exclusively include the valid value added tax and contain training, training documents as well as beverages in the break.
(4) Bills are payable without deduction within 30 days.

§5 Number of participants
(1) For didactic reasons the number of participants are limited. Therefore, registrations are considered in the order of the arrival of the written registrations (first come first serve).
(2) The Framatome GmbH Training Center in Germany reserves the right to cancel courses because of special reasons or in the absence of sufficient participation. In this case the participants immediately receive a notification. Then, in addition, the next free appointment of the desired course is announced and the participants are booked on request on waiting list.

§6 Training documents / copyright
(1) The Framatome GmbH Training Center in Germany reserves all the rights to the training documents. This concerns particularly the rights to the translation, multiplication and the stress of the whole documents or from parts from it. No part of it may, without written approval of the FramatomeGmbH Training Center in Germany, be changed, reproduced to the public, forwarded to third parties, or particularly related to the form used by the Framatome GmbH Training Center in Germany. It is forbidden to use the given training documents as a reference to prepare other documents with the aim of building and / or operating nuclear power plants.

§7 Data protection
It is explained to the participant and agreed that their data will be used by the Framatome GmbH Training Center in Germany, as far as required in relation to the training.

§8 Accountability
(1) The FramatomeGmbH Training Center in Germany is not responsible for loss of money and other property losses or consequent damages, (unless there is a clear violation of the contractual obligations, i.e. obvious negligence, bodily or health defects or clear intent). This does not apply, provided that the problem is an intentional urgent and / or unlimited liability, i.e. in the context of intention, obvious negligence, body and health defects therefore violating essential contract obligations.
(2) The accountability restrictions apply correspondingly also in favour of the workers and representatives of the Framatome GmbH Training Center in Germany. However, the accountability of such workers and representatives causes losses and is also limited with intention and negligence to the typical damage/loss whereby when forming the Framatome GmbH Training Center in Germany, they had to calculate a contract conclusion based on its well known circumstances at that time. The Framatome GmbH Training Center in Germany is not responsible for losses which have been caused by negligent or light-negligent violations of a non-essential contract obligation of a co-worker or representative of the Framatome GmbH Training Center in Germany.

§9 Performance place and venue
Offenbach is, as far as feasible, a performance place and venue for all obligations or disputes arising from the contract. It applies as a law of the Federal Republic of Germany.

§10 Partial invalidity
Separate regulations of these general terms of trade or the training contract should not be legal-effective in whole or in part, or lose their legal effectiveness later, the validity incidentally should not be touched through here, as long as the adherence to the contract represents no unreasonable hardship for one of the parties

§11 Written-form clause
Oral collateral agreements are not met. Supplements and / or changes of this written-form clause are also required in writing.