Tail wind for our M5000 offshore wind energy plant

On the high seas, there is often a fresh breeze. AREVA`s M5000-116 and M5000-135 wind turbines were especially developed for these rough conditions: for offshore wind farms in the North Sea and the Baltic Sea. Its particular characteristics: light, robust and low-maintenance. Thanks to the redundant systems and compact design of this five-megawatt wind turbine.

AREVA in Germany is a pioneer of offshore wind power. In Germany’s first offshore wind farm alpha ventus, the M5000 wind turbine has proven its worth. Further large-scale offshore farms are counting on our technology.

Our production sites: Bremerhaven and Stade

The new full-load testing facility contributes to the high reliability of our M5000 offshore wind energy plants – and minimizes the economic risk for our customers.

We pool our integrated competences in the field of offshore wind energy at three sites: The M5000 is developed and assembled in Bremerhaven, the rotor blades are manufactured in Stade. Our service portfolio ranges from design and manufacturing of the offshore wind turbines to servicing: In Emden, a new service point has been built.

In order to ensure high availability and long service life, we monitor the installed offshore wind energy plants. With our condition monitoring system, we continuously have access to the latest data regarding the status of the redundant systems. This allows us to schedule maintenance work at the offshore wind energy plants in a forward-looking and effective manner.

Wind energy plant M5000-135 provides more power

The essential characteristic of our new offshore wind energy plant M5000-135: the bigger rotor diameter of 135 meters. It increases the rotor’s swept area by 35 percent, to 14,326 square meters. Especially at locations with lower wind speed, the M5000-135 produces clearly more power. Another benefit: the improved nacelle design. It makes maintenance work easier. And improves occupational safety.

Proven in the offshore test field alpha ventus: The M5000 turbine

AREVA also sends clear signals in the field of renewable energies: Since 2009, our M5000 wind turbine has proven its worth at the alpha ventus offshore wind farm. In 30 meters water depths and 45 kilometers off the North Sea island of Borkum, 6 M5000 turbines are installed with an electrical power of 5 megawatts each. 2011 and 2012 the alpha ventus wind farm, with 12 wind turbines, has fed an annual average off 267 million kilowatt hours of power into the German transmission grid – sufficient to supply 70,000 households in Germany.


Further offshore wind farms containing M5000 wind turbines have been constructed. Not far from alpha ventus, the Trianel wind farm Borkum has been installed. The first construction phase included 40 M5000 wind turbines. Further away from the mainland, the wind farm Global Tech I has come to life. Over an area of 41 square kilometers, a total of 80 M5000 wind turbines have been installed.

The M5000 wind turbine offers best operating characteristics
  • Powerful: The M5000 offshore wind energy plant has an output of 5 megawatts at an average wind speed of 12 meters per second.
  • Corrosion-resistant: A patented ventilation system protects the inside of the nacelle.
  • Reliable: The number of rotating components has been reduced to a minimum. Auxiliary equipment and measuring sensors are redundant.
  • Easy to assemble: Nacelle and rotor are lightweight (together 350 metric tons). The design is compact.
  • Easy to maintain: Maintenance is reduced to a minimum owing to the continuous remote monitoring of the offshore wind energy plants during operation and the existing emergency equipment. Therefore, services can be scheduled in dependence on the weather.

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AREVA Wind: competency in offshore wind power

It is a long way from planning our M5000 offshore wind energy plant, manufacturing it at our sites in Bremerhaven and Stade up to installation on the high sea. Please accompany us on this journey!


Offshore project alpha ventus

In Germany`s first offshore wind farm alpha ventus off the North Sea island of Borkum, six AREVA M5000 wind turbines are in operation. The construction of these plants posed major logistical challenges. Which ones – and how we solved them – can be learned here.