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Occupational health, safety, environment and quality policy

AREVA NP aims to be recognized as the supplier of choice of the nuclear steam supply system, including equipment, safety instrumentation and control system, services, and fuel.

Within the frame of its values, behaviors and operational and commercial excellence systems, AREVA NP considers that economic or schedule constrains cannot justify any infringement to the occupational health, safety, environment and quality (HSE&Q) rules. The company strives to:

  • Ensure a safe environment for its employees and contractors, and surrounding populations of its industrial facilities
  • Develop safety culture of its employees in their daily work, and satisfy safety authorities’ requirements and regulations
  • Enhance customer satisfaction in delivering the expected quality level of its solutions.

Occupational health and safety

Occupational health and safety is the overriding priority for AREVA NP. A risk-based approach is implemented for all activities to ensure adequate safeguards. Human error prevention tools are deployed for critical activities.


Adequate and effective quality procedures and instructions are established and implemented with no compromise. Quality is planned and built-in on each activity. Methods and tools for risk management and prevention of non-quality are used to deliver "right the first time" defect-free products and services, ensuring customer satisfaction, and avoiding rework or scrap.


AREVA NP assesses the environmental risks in its facilities are periodically to prevent accidents, minimize the environmental impact and be compliant with regulations. Prevention barriers and mitigation systems and organizations are tested, verified and monitored to demonstrate their effectiveness.

Continuous improvement

Every manager shall spend sufficient time in the field to develop the safety, quality and continuous improvement culture of all employees and to implement problem solving methods, using facts from the field, and Plan-Do-Check-Act Cycle. Operating experience is shared across the organization. Safety, quality behaviors and performances are evaluation and development criteria of everyone.

Integrated Management System

AREVA NP develops an Integrated Management System (IMS) that meets the international requirements applicable to the nuclear industry, the stringent requirements from the safety authorities and customers, and the HSE&Q international standards. This IMS supports the achievement of AREVA NP objectives and the key processes are improved continuously.

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