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Vision, Mission, Values


High-performing people and technologies for safe and competitive nuclear power plants worldwide


Designer and supplier of nuclear steamsupply system and nuclear equipment, services and fuel for high levels of safety and performance

Offer innovative solutions and value-adding technologies that help our customers achieve their safety, commercial and societal objectives.

Set the standard in terms of commercial and operational excellence, both in manufacturing and in project execution, and ensure a high level of safety.

Ensure the professional skills of our employees and uphold their engagement in a demanding and fulfilling work environment.


Also, behaviors associated to the values have been defined:

Drive for results
Meet and surpass high standards. Always challenging yourself and others to improve and be better.

Customer orientation
Give focus and support to create value for the customer, delivering as promised to meet and surpass customer needs.

Be honest and open when giving or receiving news (positive or negative), and challenge behaviors which are not in line with the values.

Collaboration and team work
Form mutual trust and collaborate with others, share responsibilities and objectives to benefit the whole, regardless of individual agenda or bias.

Inspirational leadership and change management
Energize, inspire and bring individuals and groups with you at all levels of AREVA NP.

Enterprise perspective
Recognize that AREVA NP as a whole is greater than the sum of its parts and be prepared to put aside your own group’s interests for the greater good.

Developing self and others
Show concern for the long term growth and success of yourself and others, role model the need to learn and grow to support business success.

Holding self and others to account
Seek and provide clarity, information and resources to achieve expected standards whilst regularly monitoring and managing performance.

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