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Reorganization of the French Nuclear Sector: AREVA's Transition

In June 2015, the French State has decided to reorganize its nuclear sector in France. Part of this decision is the split of the previous AREVA group into two companies with the provisional names “AREVA tomorrow” and AREVA NP tomorrow”.

  • The reactor division including engineering and services, component manufacturing as well as design and production of fuel assemblies are combined in “AREVA NP tomorrow”. AREVA GmbH in Germany as wholly-owned subsidiary is also part of this decision.
  • AREVA tomorrow“ will concentrate on the production and reprocessing of nuclear fuel as well as waste management. Activities include uranium mining, uranium processing and enrichment, reprocessing of fuel assemblies, logistics services, dismantling of nuclear facilities and engineering.
  • The state-owned French utility Electricité de France (EDF) and “AREVA NP tomorrow” have planned to form a joint venture which will handle future new-build projects.

How is AREVA NP organized since July 1, 2016?

  • Fuel

    The Fuel Business Unit designs, produces and supplies fuel assemblies (from uranium, but also mixed oxide fuel and enriched reprocessed uranium fuel) and related services for both pressurized and boiling water reactors. It also fabricates nuclear fuel for research reactors and irradation targets for medical applications

  • Installed Base

    The Installed Base Business Unit designs and supplies innovative products and services for maintenance, upgrades, lifetime extensions and capacity increases of nuclear power plants in operation. By doing so, the business unit helps customers to continuously improve the safety and the operations of their plants.

  • Instrumentation and Control

    The I&C Business Unit designs and supplies safety instrumentation and control (I&C), nuclear instrumentation, autonomous systems with high level security requirements, simulation tools, and I&C cybersecurity solutions.

  • Large Projects

    The Large Projects Business Unit prepares offers for large projects and executes and delivers them, from contract signature until project close-out including warranty period. Its activities comprise, for example, the current EPR new-build projects and offers for new projects.

  • Engineering

    Engineering and Design Authority (DTI) is the “technological backbone“. The business unit supports AREVA NP's scope of activities by providing design activities (including necessary competences as well as related engineering methods and tools) in France and Germany, and services in relation to its research and test facilities – most of which are unique in the world. DTI develops and ensures technical performances, licensing and competitiveness of the nuclear steam supply system (NSSS).

  • Components Manufacturing

    The Components Business Unit delivers on time components and parts for the primary circuit to the customers. As a "manufacturer" it garantees the quality and compliance of the components with the appllcable regulations. This business unit is only located in France.

AREVA: Transition 2015–2016

The French government has announced three guidelines for the reorganization of the French nuclear sector. Learn here, what this means for AREVA.

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