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Publications 2016

Thomas Mull
Fuel for Thought: Combining physics and management forces
Eurofusion, Newsletter, December 2016

Jens Beck, Axel Hill and Marina Welker
AREVA Control Room Accident Filtration System CRAFT
Journal of Energy and Power Engineering 10 (2016), pages 692–696

Holger Schmidt, Martin Beetz, Ingo Ganzmann, Achim Beisiegel, Thomas Wagner, Christian Bonneau, Darryl Gordon and Sun Jing
Components qualification for the safe operation of nuclear power plants
Journal of Energy and Power Engineering 10 (2016), pages 581–590

Stefan Nießen and Eric Blanc
Sichere Konditionierung zur Endlagerung: Verglasung von abgebrannten Brennelementen
atw Vol. 61 (2016), Issue 8/9 (August / September)

Radan Sedlacek, Dietmar Deuble
Kinematic hardening in creep of Zircaloy
Journal of Nuclear Materials 479 (2016), pages 338–346

Uwe Stoll
Between German phase-out and Chinese new-build rally: The situation of the nuclear industry worldwide five years after Fukushima
VGB PowerTech, Issue 5 (May) 2016

Andreas Kuhn, Peter Klaus
Improving automated load flexibility of nuclear power plants with ALFC
VGB PowerTech, Issue 5 (May) 2016

Markus Pöhlmann, Stefan Nießen
Considering passive retrofits in Europe
Nuclear Engineering International, March 2016

Stefan Nießen
Energiewende – Complements to the Mainstream in the Media
atw Vol. 61 (2016), Issue 3 (March)

Rolf Janke, Uwe Stoll und Claudius Grasnik
Nachfrage nach Nachrüstungen international; industrielle Trends; Rolle von Sicherheitsmargen, Nachrüstkonzepte und -möglichkeiten
atw Vol. 61 (2016), Issue 2 (February)

Emilio Castro, Carolina Ahnert, Oliver Buss, Nuria Garcia-Herranz, Axel Hoefer, Dieter Porsch
Improving PWR core simulations by Monte Carlo uncertainty analysis and Bayesian inference

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