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Components and systems: tested Inside and out!

From small plugs to large valves: Prior to being used in a nuclear power plant, components and systems must be qualified according to national and international standards. For this purpose, they are tested inside and out. Why? So that power plants can generate power as safely and reliably as possible.

We do our utmost for safety. Because we run worldwide unique test facilities for thermohydraulics and component qualification. Here, we test the performance of valves, pumps and fuel assemblies, for example. Or even complete reactor systems.

Numerous test stands – for nuclear technology and energy storage

  • With the instrumentation and control (I&C) forum and the attached test field for hardware and software, AREVA GmbH operates the largest test facility in the world for operational and safety control systems in nuclear power plants at its Erlangen site.
  • The primary coolant loop test facility (PKL) in Erlangen, which is unique worldwide, enables tests to be conducted on the thermohydraulic behavior of pressurized water reactor plants under accident conditions. The studies and research projects provide important information for plant safety.
  • In addition, AREVA GmbH is operating unique large-scale test facilities for component qualification and for the further development and safety research in boiling water reactor technology at the Karlstein am Main site. For example, the biggest large valve test facility (GAP) in the world, the most powerful test facility for fuel assemblies (KATHY) worldwide and the INKA test rig where the passive safety systems of the KERENA boiling water reactor have been investigated.
  • A facility for hydration and dehydration of liquid organic hydrogen carriers (LOHC) which had been operating on the Erlangen site since the end of 2013, is now part of the external field test of the “Smart Grid Solar” project in Arzberg. This field test is scheduled to run until May 2017. LOHC are diesel-like liquids. They open up new ways of energy storage.

Components and System Qualifications: Safety from the Start

Qualification is one of the key challenges for successful project completion. It confirms that each safety-relevant product fulfils the required safety function expected from a component under all ambient conditions throughout its entire lifespan. Among these products are electrical, I&C or active mechanical equipment.

AREVA GmbH's Qualification Management gives support regarding qualification documentation required by contract and is responsible for keeping delivery dates and budgets.

Learn more about the Qualification of Electrical and I&C products:

Technical Center: Focus on Technology

Services in the field of chemistry and radiochemistry, expertise for materials and material testing as well as unique large-scale test facilities for the qualification of components. This brochure will inform you about the competences of the Karlstein Technical Center in Germany.

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