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Competence in Nuclear Power. And Solutions for Energy Storage.

The goal: Nuclear power shall be generated safely and cost-effectively. To that end, AREVA NP offers nuclear plant operators all over the world an extensive portfolio of products and services. This also applies for AREVA GmbH in Germany.

However, not only we are leading nuclear energy to a safe future. We are also getting renewable energies off the ground – as AREVA GmbH also offers intelligent solutions for energy management and the interim storage of power.

Structure of AREVA GmbH (click to enlarge)

AREVA GmbH is a subsidiary of AREVA NP in France. All nuclear activities in Germany are managed by AREVA GmbH. Advanced Nuclear Fuels GmbH and DSR Ingenieurgesellschaft mbH are wholly owned subsidiary of AREVA GmbH.

Subsidiaries and Sites

AREVA GmbH is headquarted in Erlangen, a further location is in Karlstein am Main. At its Lingen factory Advanced Nuclear Fuels GmbH produces fuel assemblies.

Tests and Qualification

In Germany, AREVA GmbH operates unique test facilities. Such as the largest test facility for instrumentation and control systems in nuclear power plants or the INKA test facility.

Research and Innovation

Customers expect state-of-the-art products and services. Therefore, AREVA GmbH believes ínnovation to be the motor of its success.

Social Commitment

AREVA GmbH wants to be a good neighbour. That is why we sponsor social institutions, cultural and sports events at our sites. And we are committed to education.

Transition 2015–2016

Part of the French State's decision to reorganize its nuclear sector is the split of the previous AREVA group into two companies. What does that mean?

Vision, Values and Behaviors

AREVA NP has defined a vision as well as values. They form the basis for the company's business actions.

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