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Solutions for competitive power generation

We at AREVA supply innovative technologies and solutions for a competitive and climate-friendly power generation. The portfolio includes nuclear energy and solutions to temporarily store power from renewable energies. Here, we have extensive competences. And we attach great importance to safety and the protection of people and the environment in all we do.

Why we precisely favour these two sources of energy? Nuclear energy and renewable energies complement each other in a pioneering energy mix. Cost-efficient. Safe. Climate-friendly.

Nuclear energy

AREVA NP's offer includes the planning and construction of new nuclear reactors, a full range of reactor services, and the development and manufacture of fuel assemblies.

Energy storage

With an increased use of renewable energies, power must be stored temporarily. Therefore, AREVA GmbH in Germany develops solutions for energy storage.

Do you know what the gross power production in Germany was in 2016?

A total of 646.5 terawatt hours. The renewable share came up to 29.0 percent, nuclear contributed 14.2 percent. Thus, 43 percent of the power was produced in a climate-friendly way. (Source: AG Energiebilanzen e.V., Status: October 19, 2016; preliminary information, partly estimated)