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Erlangen: Headquarters of AREVA GmbH


The nuclear energy activities of AREVA NP in Germany are pooled in the regional organization AREVA GmbH. At the headquarter in Erlangen there are 3,000 employees: Thus, Erlangen is one of the largest engineering sites of AREVA NP.

Main focus of activities in Erlangen is the maintenance and upgrading of nuclear power plants domestic and abroad. Furthermore, the employees are involved in the EPR new-build projects in France, Finland, China and Great Britain. AREVA GmbH also has test and research facilities and laboratories in Erlangen – some of them are globally unparalleled. Plus the Fuel Business is located in Erlangen.


Paul-Gossen-Str. 100
91052 Erlangen, Germany
Tel.: +49 9131 900 0

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Laboratories, research and testing facilities

  • KOPRA test stand, primary system testing facility (PKL)
  • Test stands, flow laboratories and Benson line
  • Tank test and fuel assembly test stands
  • Radiochemical laboratory
  • Fuel laboratory
  • Vibration laboratory
  • Technology and prototyping
  • Materials testing
  • Instrumentation and control (I&C) forum and I&C test field
  • ... and much more
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Nuclear Safety: AREVA NP to support International OECD Research Program

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