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Seeking an expanded dialog, appealing with knowledge

The contact with the people is important to us. Whether we support young talents or have constructive talks in communities. This is how we inform about our technology and show how power generation and climate change are connected. We attend various events and open our doors for interested visitors.

  • Science-Lab kids workshop

    One third of all university students in Germany are registered in the fields of math, computer studies, natural sciences and technology. This is the result of selective promotion of young researchers in the so-called MINT-field. This promotion is considered to be a factor of success when it comes to securing the German site. Experts agree that it has to start already at primary school age.

    As technology leaders for power generation with little CO2, this task is especially important to us. We therefore offer regular children’s workshops on “Electricity and Power Generation”.

    When does power flow? And when does it crawl? We find out all about power.

    Discover how fascinating natural sciences and technology can be. Children shed light on the secrets of power and other phenomena. With many exciting experiments. But always with professional guidance. In our courses we organize together with the non-profit educational institution Science-Lab.

  • Technology Mile & Night of Science

    There are always many questions regarding the subject of energy. We are therefore glad to participate in scientific events in the region. For example, the Technology Mile in Nuremberg or the Night of Science. Here, we explain the relationship between power generation and climate change using different exhibits and with the help of our experts.

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