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Overall competence means: Everything from a single source

Nuclear power provides security. Because it generates electricity reliably around the clock. Therefore, nuclear power provides an important basis for power supply in many countries. By reducing CO2 emissions, it also protects our climate.

Nuclear power must be safe. And AREVA NP offers overall system competency to keep it safe. The international company, headquartered in Paris, produces fuel assemblies and heavy components, maintains nuclear power plants in operation, upgrades them or extends their lifetime. Furthermore, AREVA NP develops and constructs new nuclear power plants or continues the construction of plants.

Installed Base

Service counts: The operators of nuclear power plants receive all necessary products and services from AREVA NP. Meeting the demands. And always state-of-the-art.

Fuel assemblies

To generate electricity in nuclear power plants, fuel is required. Therefore, AREVA NP designs and fabricates fuel assemblies for pressurized and boiling water reactors.

I&C and Electrical Systems

Numerous nuclear power plants rely on electrical and instrumentation and control systems by AREVA NP. They are used in the construction of new reactors. But also for modernization projects in Germany and abroad.


AREVA NP manufactures heavy components and mobile equipment for nuclear islands in its own factories – in France and China. For the installation into new reactors or replacement projects in existing nuclear power plants.

New builds and Completion

Always a step ahead: As the first reactor of the latest generation III+, the EPR reactor is already under construction – in Finland, France, China and great Britain.


The world relies on electricity from nuclear energy. With its reactor models EPR, ATMEA1 and KERENA, AREVA NP is leading nuclear towards a safe future.

Nuclear energy: fit for the future on a global scale

Many countries are relying on nuclear energy: The growing number of new nuclear power plants built since the start of this millennium reflects the rise in demand for electricity. At the beginning of Mai 2017, there were 449 reactors in operation in 30 countries with a gross rated electrical output of 392 gigawatts. There were also 60 reactor units under construction in 15 countries with a gross rated electrical output of 60.6 gigawatts.


In the mid 1950`s, the use of nuclear energy for power generation began. In the following decades, nuclear power plants were built in many industrial states. The reactor’s capacity quickly increased. In 1951, the first experimental reactor in the USA generated power from nuclear energy. The first plant for the large-scale generation of nuclear power was put into operation in 1954 near Moscow. In 1955, the UK followed with the first commercial nuclear power plant worldwide, then Pennsylvania, USA in 1957 and Germany in 1961.

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