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Fachaufsätze aus dem Jahr 2014

Steffen Bergholz, Benedikt Heinz, Jürgen Rudolph, Perry Quist
Forward Alliance – AREVA’s Initiative for NPP’s LTO Projects
atw 2014, Heft 8 (August)

Dirk Ostermann, Christian Krumb und Burkhard Wienand
The Inner Containment of an EPR Pressurized Water Reactor
atw 2014, Heft 8 (August)

Christian Schönfelder
Aktuelle Herausforderungen der Ausbildung von Nuklearingenieuren: Über nukleare Grundlagen hinaus
atw 2014, Heft 7 (Juli)

Dr. Christian Topf, Luis Sempere-Belda, Kai Tscheschlok, Klaus Reuschle
Aqueous, in situ primary circuit decontamination
Nuclear Engineering International, May 2014

Karl Wasinger
Enhanced productivity in reactor decommissioning and waste management
atw 2014, Heft 4 (April)

Yvonne Broy, Monique Linger
EPZ and AREVA – A longstanding partnership for the safe and reliable operation of the Dutch Borssele Nuclear Power Plant
atw 2014, Heft 4 (April)

Hartwig Hübel, Adrian Willuweit, Jürgen Rudolph, Rainer Ziegler, Hermann Lang, Klemens Rother, Simon Deller
Performance study of the simplified theory of plastic zones and the Twice-Yield method for the fatigue check
International Journal of Pressure Vessels and Piping 116 (2014), Seiten 10–19

René van Geemert
A multi-level surface rebalancing approach for efficient convergience acceleration of 3D full core multi-group fine grad nodal diffuison interations
Annals of Nuclear Energy, Jahrgang 63, Januar 2014, Seiten 22–37